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CEF is an organization of laity and clergy who... 

  • work or volunteer in faith formation ministries
  • connect with others in similar roles or ministries in peer learning environments
  • work collaboratively within the organization to collect, create and share knowledge and experience within and between communities.
The mission of CEF is to develop leaders in faith formation to equip people of all ages to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Celebration Challanege

In October we held the CEF2016 Conference in Nashville. We had REAL. RELEVANT. COMMUNITY! It was excellent! 

Lots of good stuff happened. It was the first CEF Conference for perhaps 25% of attendees. That got me thinking about how many conferences I’ve attended since I was a student at my first conference (answer: 18).

It made me think that if I had a dollar for every good thing I learned or experienced at a CEF Conference I’d be a rich woman. I’m not rich but I have an idea. What if EVERYBODY who has attended a conference give a dollar to CEF for every conference they have attended. That means we’d have lots of $1.00 contributions, but I’d be sending $18.00.  As you know the conferences aren’t free nor cheap but I’m already excited about the 2018 conference. Those of us who were in Nashville could start right now to give seed money for the Des Moines Conference. 

I hope that you will accept my $ challenge in celebration of our time together in Nashville. I didn’t get to meet everybody there but you all saw me. I’m on the board and working on our “Legends” project.  Please write a check to CEF, send it to Megan Miller in the CEF Office, 618 Church Street, Suite 510, Nashville, TN 27219.  Do it now while you’re thinking about it!


Patty Meyers
2017 President Elect

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Members can join and form online or regional Communities of Practice (communities where the learning component is central).

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As a member, you can download and share resources you have created, contribute blog posts, and participate in our webinars. CEF members also get access to our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions and discover great content.

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Members receive a discount on our bi-annual conference. Our 2016 conference, Real Relevant Community, will take place Oct. 9-13 at Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville, TN.

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Is your church hiring? Are you looking for a new job? Our job board is free for our members. 

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