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Here are some of the issues and questions raised at our first gathering:


  • How do we define worship?
  • Should worship for children be the same as worship for adults?
  • How do we make worship more intergenerational friendly?
  • Is involving children in worship the same as engaging children in worship?
  • What are ways to engage “highly active” children in worship when their parents would rather them be separate in Children’s Church?
  • Can worship be loud?
  • Can worship be just a moment?
  • How do we best teach some of the traditional aspects of our faith?
  • How do you engage children in worship when Sunday School also meets during worship?
  • Are we teaching children what worship is?
  • How do we teach parents to be spiritual guides in worship? How do we teach the whole family the importance of worship?
  • How can you creatively engage children in worship when you don’t have the support of your pastor?



  • Limited view of worship
  • Sunday School competes with worship service
  • Understanding and valuing praise
  • Children are bored in worship- not interested
  • Families only attend worship 1.5X a month
  • Opening the concept of worship to include experiences with nature, friendships, family, etc.
  • Adults who do not welcome children in worship /reminding adults that children are welcome in worship
  • Words (used in worship) that are defined or explained
  • Parents need to be inspired to be role models in worship
  • Parents letting their children disrupt worship
  • Valuing worship for children
  • Parents advertising worship as “boring”/”not as fun as Sunday School”
  • Making children’s large group time more like the worship service—keeping the same energy and keeping kids engaged?

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