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Here are some of the Questions Asked during the 2016 CEF Conference Community Conversations:

The challenges and issues we shared were:

  • Recruiting parent as ministry volunteers
  • Changing the time and structure of "Sunday school”
  • Maximizing Parents ability to participate 
  • Parental Faith Formation spilling over into level of commitment and volunteerism
  • Parents putting their own faith the back burner
  • Parents as leaders in their child’s faith development
  • How to put church first and make church a priority x2
  • Resources to enable parents to do faith development with kids

Facilitator Question for the group:

As I reflect on these issues I wonder what your vision of Partnering with Parents looks like.  What is your vision for the parents at the place where you serve?

If we are to embark on a journey to partner with parents to impress God’s word upon the hearts of His children then how are we to know we have arrived?  Is it families sitting together in worship? Is it families praying over meals at restaurants?  Is it families serving together in mission projects? Nightly devotions?  Gratitude journals?  Is it parents teaching kid’s classes?  Where is it that you feel God leading you to take the parents?

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