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Here are some of the Questions Asked during the 2016 CEF Conference Community Conversations:

Questions from Community of Practice Group; 10-10-2016: 

Partnering/Equipping Parents in Faith Formation at Home

How do we help parents see themselves as part of children’s Christian education/discipleship?

How do we deal with the issues in connecting with busy parents/families?

  • To be “heard” over the other voices/demads of parents
  • Fun and meaningful and not one more thing to add to busy schedules
  • Parents lack of time and energy
  • Low priority
  1. Overcome sports/other activities that conflict with church activities?
  2. Encourage parents to value church above soccer, baseball, swim team, etc..?
  3. Parents want engagement but there’s no follow through, for example - formed age-level small groups that no one participates in Parents want programs but do not consistently show up
  4. Desire for outside of church/Sunday morning but no history of regular group in the past
  • Sunday School difficulties
  1. Sunday School isn’t on Sunday morning or every Sunday
  2. Parents do not see getting their children to Sunday School as a priority
  3. Kids don’t want to be in Sunday School and teachers end up “managing” behavioral issues

How do we engage parents with their children?

How do we help parents improve their own spiritual life to share with their children? Be comfortable with sharing their own faith? Answer children’s questions?

How do you get parents involved with their kid’s faith journey?

How do you partner with parents so that they can grow in faith as a family?


  • “Outside the box”, contemporary ideas beyond Sunday School?
  • Activities? Events? Studies? Weekday/Weekend?
  • Ideas and resources to engage children and parents at home
  • Ideas and resources to equip parents to be faith guides


  • Ways for children, youth, and parents/adults to move beyond “silo” ministries
  • Has anyone had regular intergenerational experiences?
  • Ideas and resources


  • What information do you communicate to parents? How frequently?
  • What is the best way to communicate – Text? Email? Handouts? Etc…?
  • Help – parents don’t respond to emails
  • Ways to communicate with parents on an intentional, consistent basis

Other Questions

  • How do we partner with nontraditional parents (adoptive, grandparents, foster)?
  • How do we partner with parents in crisis (illness, divorce, death)?
  • How do we help parents parent?

Other Issues

  • Church leader’s lack of time and energy
  • Getting on the same page as lead pastor
  • Same parents volunteer for everything
  • Teaching about sexuality
  • Glorification of “busy”
  • Drop-off activities
  • With UM churches mandated to be safe sanctuaries, how do churches have programs where children are dropped off and parents not on premises?

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