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Here are some of the Questions Asked during the 2016 CEF Conference Community Conversations:

These are some of the questions that were raised at our Monday night gathering. I have combined those that were similar.

What is the vision/mission/stated purpose of Older Adult Ministry in your context?

What other words/title work in your context to attract Older adults.?

How do you effectively help older adults who can no longer attend church feel connected? Or those for whom it is difficult to attend (i.e. no longer drive, does not drive at night)

What are ways to provide fellowship for OA who have difficulty getting out to go to the church for events?

What do you do and what resources are available in your context when you realize an OA whom you are visiting needs more help than you can provide, such as suffering from depression?

What are intergenerational settings  where you have intentionally included OA? How do we help our church see the value of planning ways to gather all generations together?

How do we communicate with OA throughout the week? What methods of communication do you use in your context?

How do we show staff that fellowship is a valuable ministry with/for senior adults?

How does ministry with younger senior adults (boomers) differ from ministry with older senior adults?

Where does older adult ministry take place in your context? In church building? Elsewhere? When does OA ministry take place? Days? Evenings?  meals?

What are some ways to support OA who do need to make age related changes?

Who is involved in OA ministry in your context? Staff? Volunteers?

What resources do you use in your OA Sunday School classes?

What is actually offered in OA ministry in your context?

How do you get people to talk about death and dying?

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