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Here are some of the Questions Asked during the 2016 CEF Conference Community Conversations:

  • What is formation? How does it relate to social media?
  • How are others using social media in their ministry?
  • How do I use social media? (technical practice)
  • How do I use social media for faith formation? (on-line Bible study, on-line Lenten devotional, face time people into class) What are the best platforms to use?
  • Is twitter viable for devotions or daily faith nugget? If so, how often and when to tweet?
  • How narrowly do we define Social Media? (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest; GroupMe?)
  • Where does videotaping in-person classes and uploading the video to YouTube or the church website fit into the Social Media in Faith Formation CoP?
  • What are appropriate boundaries surrounding social media use by age group?
  • How do we go about enabling others to manage the church’s social media site? Guidelines?
  • How do you implement a social media strategy without leaving some people out?
  • Which auto scheduler is the best, and how should it be used?
  • Who should be responsible for managing the social media strategy for the church?
  • How do you connect to everyone?
Issues discussed:
  • Clarifying social media in faith formation v. social media as marketing/program promotion
  • The entire congregation isn’t on social media, or isn’t social media savvy
  • Engage in faith formation in a non-hostile manner; encourage civil conversation on social media
  • boundaries (personal and professional)
  • Younger youth aren’t allowed to use some social media platforms
  • setting aside time to manage the social media faith formation strategy
  • responding to posts from participants in a timely manner
  • lack of support from Senior Pastor/Church Leadership; lack of understanding the importance of social media in faith formation
  • challenge to keep families together in general; an entire family could be engaged in faith formation on their respective devices and fail to speak directly to each other

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