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Here are some of the Questions Asked and Information Shared during the 2016 CEF Conference Community Conversations:

What do people want of this group?

How can I move from full time to 3/4 time with the same congregation without them feeling I am “unavailable” to them or that I have “abandoned” them?

As the person leaving/retiring from my ministry position, what, if any, is the appropriate role for me to play as the church transitions to an evaluation of staffing needs?

I have questions around establishing my church as an anchor church for a new monastic community, creating a business plan, nonprofit...

Why are people/church so afraid of change/transition?

What stories - of leaving well? What does leaving well look like?

- intentional setting up time with people I care about

- allow self grieving time

- pastor preached sermons about grief - gave congregation permission to grieve

- some folk - have to just not talk to

- have conversation with new church/parish where role of “retired” staff is defined

- how to sit in congregation as congregant, not pastor/staff - not solving 


- equipped team to do VBS without me (but okay to call)

  - create strong committee structure to continue programs after staffer leaves

- know moving is stressful

- identify leadership - equip them for leadership roles

- remember you can’t be responsible for other folks’ mistakes

Resources - or a plan for - self care in the transition

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