Each year I choose a “word for the year.” This year the word is peace. How we need it – in every aspect of our lives – from the intrapersonal to the universal! As I pondered the word peace and how it is needed everywhere, I thought of all the words associated with Advent. I think that the Advent words are good words for the whole year.

We light candles for peace, hope, joy and love. Our world is in great need of every one. In the center of the advent wreath is the Christ candle. Christ is the light of the world. As each week of advent leads to lighting the Christ candle, which stands in the middle of the circle so too does the Light of Christs lead us into what is often a dark world. The advent wreath is a circle. It has no beginning nor end and reminds us that the Alpha and Omega has no beginning nor end, not begotten by anyone.

The great theologian Georgia Harkness wrote the hymn, “Hope of the World.” Take time to read the words. We have reason to hope for peace and work for peace and justice. We sing “Joy to the World,” but do we sing it from our hearts? There’s a good little video on youtube that may inspire you: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNDtHdG5mVk. It’s good for children of all ages. “What the World Needs Now is Love” sang Deion Warwick. Yes, the world certainly needs love, but will we have it without peace in our hearts? In our relationships? In our families, communities, nation, and world?

Do you have a word for the year? What is it? Why did you choose it? Let’s chat. I pray that peace will be with you every day of this year.

Patty Meyers