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Legends: 50th Anniversary Call for Contributors

27 Oct 2015 8:45 AM | Anonymous

By Patty Meyers

legend noun; plural noun: legends


a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated.

"the legend of King Arthur"


mythsagaepictalestoryfolk tale, folk story, fairy talefable, sagas, mythosfolkloreloremythologyfantasyoral history, folk tradition;

urban myth, "Arthurian legends"


an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.

"the man was a living legend"


celebritystarsuperstariconphenomenonluminaryleading light, giant;

Both of the above definitions apply to the proposed book to be offered by CEF members and friends at our 2018 CEF Conference. It will be our 50th anniversary so we think that this is a great time to gather stories (legends) about some of the Legendary Christian Educators we have known.

You are (everyone is) invited to write an essay about an important Christian educator who has influenced your life and work. S/He need not be famous or infamous. S/He need not be an author or somebody famous. However s/he must have made a lasting impact on you, the author, and/or others in their faith formation.

Who is the best Christian educator you have known? What made that person so good at the work? Was the person a volunteer or a paid staff person? How long have you known the person? Do you have a photo that you can include? That would be great! If not, don’t worry. Tell us anything you can about your “legend.”

We all stand on the shoulders of giants, those saints who have gone before us, who have helped us to be the people that we are today. Most of these people are unsung heroes. We’d like to sing their praises in a collection of essays about them.

Our goal is to have it written, compiled, edited and published in time for our 50th anniversary celebration in 2018. That is not so far away as it may seem. It takes time to write, compile, edit, print and publish a book. This is a serious attempt to honor those Christian educators who have made a difference in people’s lives.

Start thinking now. Start jotting down memories and notes to yourself now. If you have ideas and don’t think that you can write an essay, please contact us. Help is available. This is a project of your CEF Board. Patty Meyers is our compiler and editor. Send her your ideas, questions and essays to pattymeyers79@gmail.com. You will continue to hear more about this in the coming months. Watch your CEF website for updates. 

Patty Meyers is a CEF Board Member, Ordained Deacon in the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, and Professor of Christian Education and Church Music at Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer and Charlotte, North Carolina. Follower her on Twitter: @pinkmeyers

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