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The mission of CEF is to develop leaders in faith formation to equip people of all ages to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Calling all writers and bloggers!

11 Aug 2016 5:00 PM | Christine Hides
CEF is transforming this blog into a space for Christian educators to share expertise. You are invited!  We envision a growing, dynamic community of people discussing real, relevant faith formation.  First time bloggers are welcome - you do the writing and we’ll get it on the website! We hope you will be a part of this collaborative community which creates, collects, and shares faith formation resources.


  1. 500-700 words written in Microsoft Word or Google Docs on a faith formation topic of your choosing. Possible topics include:

    • Engaging Children in Worship,

    • Working With Volunteers

    • Partnering with Parents

    • Senior Adult Ministry

    • Effective Youth Ministry

    • Ministry in Changing Neighborhoods

    • Ministry with Churches in Transition

    • Special Needs Ministry

    • Social Media in Faith Formation

    • On-line Learning and Faith Formation

    • Working With Multiple Staff

    • Working as the “Lone Ranger”

    • Book Reviews

    • Seasonal activities (Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter…)

    • Original Prayers

  2. Posts and any accompanying images must be original and copyright free.

  3. Include a 2-3 sentence bio with links to your ministry website(s).

  4. We will respond within two weeks to let you know if your piece will be posted on the blog.  We reserve the right not to publish submissions for any reason. The CEF Content Manager and/or members of the Board may suggest edits.

  5. We encourage you to post  links and short excerpts (150 words or less) on your own website but kindly request that you do not publish the full text elsewhere.

  6. Multiple submissions are welcome.

  7. Posts may be submitted as an email attachment to content@cefumc.org.

  8. Questions? Contact our Content Manager at content@cefumc.org

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