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All Ages Pentecost Session

01 May 2017 5:51 PM | Christine Hides

Angelina Goldwell is the DRE for the First UMC of Olympia ( . She received her Masters of Divinity from the Claremont School of Theology in 2012. She has nearly a decade of experience doing ministry with all ages and is particularly focused on intergenerational ministries. She's also shared an "An All Ages Lent" on our site.

Download the session outline

Intentionally scheduling all-ages or intergenerational events are crucial for strengthening the bonds of the church family. Church is one of the few spaces where different ages can intermingle with the explicit goals of growing in relationship and learning from one another. Intergenerational events also model for children and youth that faith formation is a lifelong process because they are able to witness adults engaged in learning. For the adults, I believe it’s important to provide them with opportunities for creative learning. Adult faith formation sometimes gets boxed into an endless series of book/video studies. Intergenerational discipleship time together is an extension of worshipping together. When planning an intergenerational event I believe it is important that what happens at the event echoes and reinforces what happens in the worship setting by using a parallel flow, containing parallel thematic elements, etc. Here you will find a session outline for an All Ages event to take place during a Discipleship/Sunday school hour. 

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