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2016 CEF Conference Communities

Click Here to access the communities that Joined the Conversation at CEF 2016.  

Online Communities of Practice

Our online Communities of Practice (or CoP for short) are groups which meet exclusively online, with the possible exception of gatherings such as our bi-annual conference. Here's a current list of CoPs that CEF members can join.

  • Effective Leadership for Faith Formation
  • Small Groups
  • Digital Ministry
  • Older Adults

More will be starting soon! Be sure to check back with us, or consider starting one of your own.

Regional Communities

Our regional Communities of Practice are great places to make in-person connections. Some of them meet regularly for training, meetings, and fellowship, while others only meet occasionally (e.g. for an annual retreat). CEF members can access links to these communities' websites or social media pages.

  • Baltimore-Washington
  • Illinois Great Rivers
  • Iowa
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • North Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Northern Illinois
  • East Ohio Conference
  • Oregon Idaho
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Rio Texas
  • Tennessee
  • Western North Carolina

Didn't find one in your part of the country? It's possible one may exist and we just don't know about it yet, and if not we can help you form one. Join CEF today and get in touch with us to find a community that's perfect for you!

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