CEF depends on donations from people like you!

Coming soon, we’ll add the ability to make donations by credit card. For now, you may only donate by check (payable to Christians Engaged in Faith Formation.

CEF is a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of Tennessee. Donations are tax-deductible, where applicable.


Christians Engaged in Faith Formation
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CEF is a member-supported organization, but we also rely on donations from generous individuals and organizations as well. Please consider making a gift to Christians Engaged in Faith Formation. Your gift is 100% tax deductible.
There are four funds you can choose from.
  • The General Fund supports the ongoing work of CEF. As an organization, we would not exist without donations from people who value faith formation ministries and understand the need for a professional organization who work in these fields. Your end-of-year donation will be applied to this fund. 
  • The R. Harold Hipps Endowment Fund for Christian Education supports Christian educators, helping them to grow in their profession and become equipped to lead the Church in understanding the importance of Christian education. Mr. Hipps was instrumental in the founding of CEF and was its first paid staff person, so this fund was named in his honor.
  • The Legacy for Learning Endowment Fund was created in partnership with The United Methodist Church Foundation. It ensures that scholarships are available for those desiring to pursue careers as Christian educators.
  • The Goddard-Johnson Endowment Fund seeks to create the Goddard-Johnson Chair, at Africa University. Named for Christian educators Carrie Lou Goddard and Ethel Johnson, it is a project of the General Church supported by Christians Engaged in Faith Formation. The establishment of this chair will fund a professor of Christian Education helping to supply leaders in global Christian education.