I recently read What We Need is Here, Practicing the Heart of Christian Spirituality by L. Roger Owens, published by Upper Room Books.  Owens is an elder in The United Methodist Church who teaches at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

The book is written in first person anecdotal format, which makes it an engaging easy read. While driving along I-40 in North Carolina one day he heard a voice say, “Let me be your Teacher…I have already given you everything you need.” I chuckled as I share Owens’ love of books, always looking for the next best way to deepen my relationship with God and share that with my students.

In the process of his rediscovery of what God has given he identified seven “givens” of Christian spirituality. They aren’t new; they are things that we know so this book is a gentle reminder that we should:

  • Read the Gospels
  • Pray the Psalms
  • Sit in silence with God
  • Find Jesus in Church
  • Meet Jesus in Holy Communion
  • Receive and respond to Jesus with our bodies, minds and spirits
  • Spend time with the poor

Owens is right. We have everything we need. We need to practice what we preach and teach.