Journeying through ALL of Holy Week

We know that many people experience Palm Sunday and even more worship on Easter, but what about the events in between?  What about the sorrow, the pain, the betrayal?  We can’t truly appreciate the celebration if we haven’t understood the trials of Holy Week.  After seeing a prayer room at one local church, our church offered a Lenten Prayer Room that was open all week starting on Palm Sunday.  If you do not have a dedicated space for this, you could place tables around the church with a guide book leading people to various stations.  These stations allow all ages to stop and spend time reflecting on the entire Holy Week.  Here is one set of stations we offered to help people pause and reflect on the last week of Jesus’s life. 

Below are brief descriptions of what we did, supply lists, and other helpful resources.  We placed the directions and scripture references in plastic frames or inexpensive picture frames or placed them on cardstock and secured them to the wall.  Add your own touches and make changes so your prayer room is a meaningful ministry that fits your local church setting. 


Special Note – We add clipart and images to the instruction pages that enhance the focus of each station.  Due to copyright laws, these images cannot be added here.

Jenny Reilly is a former CEF Board member and serves as the Director of Christian Education at Salem United Methodist Church in Denver, NC.  Feel free to contact her at

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