‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house

the only ones stirring were Tacy and me (there better never be a mouse!).

Everywhere I look is a mess to clean up;

the best sight I see is my full coffee cup.

The aroma, the taste, the warmth as it goes down

is enough to pull a smile to my lips from a frown.

With Tacy on my lap, the prayer candle lit,

pen in my hand to turn thoughts into writ,

I’m grateful for blessings, yes blessings galore,

as evidenced by all the stuff on the floor.

On counter tops and chairs, tables and more

awaits all the clean up when I start my chores.

But for now on this day after Christmas I pause

to give honor and praise to the One whose birth is the cause

of the season’s celebration, the mess, etc., et al,

the One whom I worship,

One-in-Three, Three-in-One, One for All.

Patty Meyers
December 26, 2015
China Grove, NC