Sarah Gregory is the Communications Coordinator for CEF. She works from home in St. Louis as a freelance writer, musician, and consultant. She has an MACE from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. 

Over the last century, the mainline institutional church, the presumed titan of Western morality, changed. The culture changed. Life expectancy, retirement, young adulthood, adolescence, and childhood changed. As a result, the landscape of faith formation work changed. But the practice of faith, the God who leads us, and the call to make disciples remains unchanged.

Amidst all the cultural and religious changes, the people of God hold tightly to the fact that God remains the same; loving, merciful, and just. Faith formation happens in unexpected places, arguably as it always has—from burning bushes to shepherd’s fields, God sanctifies holy ground where we least expect it. Certainly, if God remained faithful in First Century Paletine during enormous cultural shifts, the rise and fall of empires, and the birth of the Church, then God remains faithful now, even as church leaders in the United States navigate unexpected holy ground.

The work is difficult. By God’s grace, the work does not have to be lonely. Over the next few months, CEF will feature some unexpected places and practices that fellow faith formation leaders are pursuing in an effort to create disciples in our current culture.

Tell us your unconventional faith formation practices. Where are they happening? What do they look like? What do you dream about doing?

Share a picture with us using our social media accounts with a small caption or comment below. Your experiences may spark others’ divinely inspired imaginations to do something new. Let’s ring in 2019 with a celebration of all the ways that God is incarnate today.

Look to our social media pages for featured faith formation ideas. Find ideas on our blogs. Share your ideas, thoughts, and dreams. Be on the lookout for neighborhood mentoring opportunities, nook classrooms, and chances to connect with faith formation leaders like you. Together, we will continue to meet God in unexpected ways.